About Us
Origins of GIOS - German is Our Specialty:
 GIOS started out as a German <> English Translation business in 1977 in Milwaukee,
WI subcontracting its services to larger Translation firms and/or directly to large
companies who used its skills on certain projects. In 1989 GIOS moved to Sheboygan,
WI when Harry was hired for sales & marketing by a firm based in Germany. GIOS still
provided translation services, but also offered personal consultation to individuals and
companies where German knowledge and technical familiarity was preferred. However
with the next relocation, the translation/consultation business was discontinued, as of
April 1999.
GIOS in North Carolina 2000-2010:
 An opportunity presented itself in 2002 to revitalize GIOS as a focal group in Raleigh
NC to German-speaking people of the area. Brigitte & Harry opened their home once a
month, spoke German for an hour, then shared food for the rest of the evening and
spoke in German and English to include those who were less versed in German.
In 2003, their group decided to do a German language Christmas service. Brigitte &
Harry, having previously served in ministry while residing in Wisconsin, were asked to
develop a liturgical service, find a host church and initiate a marketing plan to promote
this service. The First of such services was attended by 187 people, many of whom had
not been to a German language service since immigrating from Europe.
 In later years (2004-09) the German Christmas Service & Weihnachts-Café became
an annual event in which as many as 325 adults and 58 children participating. All of
these events featured a special time for children during which a small package of
imported edibles were distributed to them. After the service, food is served at the
"Weihnachts-Cafe." German-style salads, deli foods and baked goods are available for
those who participated at the service.
 The success of this model in generating interest on a cultural as well as a religious
level did not gone unnoticed. It has truly become a "revival" of sorts - honoring the
Lord Jesus - after all, He is the Reason for the Seasons! In addition, the cultural
interest helped spawn new specialty businesses in the communities that were open to
such events. This format has been replicated in many other US and Canadian cities.
Current since April 2010 and Future:
 In April 2010, Harry & Brigitte relocated to Tacoma, WA in response to a call asking
Harry to be Pastor of
Valley View Christian Fellowship, a German-American Church.
They were installed on May 23 for full-time ministry and continue to serve locally in
both German and English. They continued the tradition of celebrating Christmas, Easter
and an October Harvest Fest at VVCF. The German Advent Service & Weihnachts-Café
in 2016 celebrating their 14th anniversary.
 Then in July 2015, the International Ministry Network (VVCF is affiliated with this
ministry) elected Pastor Harry to serve as Presbyter of the western section of the
network, a significantly large-sized territory covering the 19 western states of the US;
the term is for 2 years.
 For 2016-2017 we encourage groups and individuals to take initiatives in opening their
doors to continue to reach out and participate in doing events, starting meet-up groups
and other social or religious organizations. This website could then become a resource
and outlet for promoting such events. If you are interested, click on "
Contact Us" and
send us your contact information.
 GIOS has continued to host this site to provide information about various German
restaurants, events, services, etc. of interest to those who want to experience this
storied culture.  And that is what this website is all about.
About Harry & Brigitte:

 Rev. Harry Fritz, a fully ordained Christian Minister
holding credentials with the Assemblies of God, was
born in Bremen, Germany, raised and educated in
Wisconsin and has served as Pastor of churches in the
states of Wisconsin, North Carolina and now in
Washington. He also has been President, Executive
Director and Board Member of several non-profit
groups and organizations. He actively teaches on the
Life of Christ and studies Christian Denominations
and their people. His desire is to serve Christians of all
faiths and all nations in the communities that he is
invited to participate with.
 Brigitte was born in Hameln, Germany and received
most of her education as a legal secretary in her
home city. After marriage, she became a home-
maker, raised 3 children, ran an interior decorating
business and worked part time in the bakery of a
5-diamond resort. The story of how Brigitte and Harry
met is fascinating and a testimony of how long
distance romances - when orchestrated by heaven
itself - really does work and can build long-lasting
relationships. Today they do ministry together, are
married over 42 years and still very much in love with
each other.
 Both Harry and Brigitte team together to do ministry
among the German language people. This website is
only a sample of some of the featured events which
they help to organize and participate with. Harry is
called upon to do marriages, baby blessings, special
dedications, funerals, church services, seminars and
other public and private functions. As a hobby, he is
a writer and collects postcards; the collection now
approaches 50,000 cards in over 280 3-ring binders.
 Brigitte's hobbies are interior decorating, gardening
and  painting pictures, but she also has developed a
good reputation as a specialist in cake & bread
baking, preparing healthy cuisine and proper use of
vitamins and mineral supplements.

Visit the church where we serve the local
     German-American community:
Valley View Christian Fellowship
3735 Waller Road E
Tacoma, WA 98443-1617

German Service at 9:00am every* Sunday
English Service at 10:30am every* Sunday
* Combined Service at 10:30am on the
 last Sunday of the Month. (Breakfast
 starts at 9:30am on that Sunday.)
Bible Discussions at 6:00pm on Tuesdays;
Call for Ladies' Bible studies (Thursdays)
Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect German-speaking people
throughout the USA; we also look to maintain our
German cultural and language heritages alive and
Currently Available Books by H Fritz
* The Sermon on the Mount
* The Life of Christ -
According to Mark
* The Seven Churches in Revelations 1-3
*  Freshness Sealed:
From Concept to Commodity